[LinuxBIOS] [PATCH] TeleVideo TC7020 support (2nd try)

Kenji Noguchi tokyo246 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 10:52:12 CET 2007

Hi Uwe,

Thanks for the review.  I have updated the patch based on your review.
 The new patch needs Nikolay's CS5530/CS5536 PIRQ patch.

I cannot run superiotool with the factory BIOS because the BIOS  is WinCE.

WakeOnLan doesn't work out of the box. The original thin-clients
manager is able to on/off WOL feature as far as I remember.

It's a PC97317 board.  Strange, the superiotool r2992 says "No Super I/O found"

NIC is soldered on the motherboard, and it resides on pci 15.0. Fixed
the config entry.

Floppy connector may be available in one of the pin headers but I
can't confirm.   I leave it off to be conservative.

COM2 is a regular DB9 serial.  Fixed the comment.

irq_tables.c in the previous patch was re-generated by getpir tool,
and manually edited.  However I had no way of testing it. Linux kernel
won't read it unless patched, you know.  Anyway I reworked on this
file using Nikolay's irq patch.

As for MiniPCI slot there are INTA and INTB by definition of the
MiniPCI.  lspci output had no 14.0 because it's a slot.
I installd a WiFi card to the MiniPCI slot(PCI 14.0) for testing. It
got IRQ9 and worked great!

Kenji Noguchi
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