[LinuxBIOS] Infamous __stack_chk_fail problem.

Jordan Crouse jordan.crouse at amd.com
Mon Dec 3 22:33:48 CET 2007

On 03/12/07 22:02 +0100, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> > - Problems found in the toolchain builder be fed back to the toolchain
> > builder project thus satisfying Jordan's point of having a
> > responsibility to fix the toolset when broken. Crosstool builders often
> > employ target specific patches when necessary.
> We also need feedback on our own bugs and issues before or while we
> start looking in other directions. We have a fully working test system
> that nobody is using anymore:
> http://www.linuxbios.org/Distributed_and_Automated_Testsystem
> If you have supported nodes, that you do not need anymore, please
> contact me for putting them into the test system.

Testing isn't the problem here.  Nobody has mentioned that this is a problem
with LinuxBIOS - buildrom isn't about LinuxBIOS and neither is the
Ubuntu stack problem.  No amount of automated testing could help this
problem, unless you happen to be building on the distribution in question,
and its the correct version and everything else.  Its great that we have
all these tools, but they don't help with this particular problem, and
never will.

> Also, we should try to merge autobuild and buildrom. I never understood
> why a new tool was build instead of enhancing an already existing one.
> qa.linuxbios.org is fully using abuild. We drop a couple of potential
> problems if we start using one solution for building linuxbios.
Let me say this one more time - and I'll put it in capital letters.
BUILDROM IS A TOOL.    The only way that the LinuxBIOS team supports
building LinuxBIOS is from the command line.  *THAT* is the solution
for building LinuxBIOS.  Everything else is an tool for
performing some custom task.  abuild has its place.  buidrom has its place.
LBDistro has its place.  The responsibilities and functionality of these
tools are on the creators and maintainers of those tools, not the
LinuxBIOS community as a whole.   The only deliverable that this
group needs to care about is making LinuxBIOS work.  


Jordan Crouse
Systems Software Development Engineer 
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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