[LinuxBIOS] Infamous __stack_chk_fail problem.

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Mon Dec 3 22:02:56 CET 2007

* Steve Isaacs <yasteve at gmail.com> [071203 19:32]:
> - Buildrom be enhanced to --optionally-- download and install in a
> user's sandbox a toolchain builder. 
I don't think buildrom is the place for this. It's pretty much out of
the scope for the project.

 Next time a distribution ships a broken glibc, we start adding that,
too. If you use a distribution with a broken toolchain, you should visit
http://kegel.com/crosstool/ and build a new toolchain _once_.

I agree we should have an FAQ entry to point people to crosstool though.

> - Problems found in the toolchain builder be fed back to the toolchain
> builder project thus satisfying Jordan's point of having a
> responsibility to fix the toolset when broken. Crosstool builders often
> employ target specific patches when necessary.
We also need feedback on our own bugs and issues before or while we
start looking in other directions. We have a fully working test system
that nobody is using anymore:
If you have supported nodes, that you do not need anymore, please
contact me for putting them into the test system.

Also, we should try to merge autobuild and buildrom. I never understood
why a new tool was build instead of enhancing an already existing one.
qa.linuxbios.org is fully using abuild. We drop a couple of potential
problems if we start using one solution for building linuxbios.

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