[LinuxBIOS] State of the buildrom

Jordan Crouse jordan.crouse at amd.com
Mon Dec 3 19:29:27 CET 2007

On 03/12/07 11:12 -0700, Myles Watson wrote:
> > > There just isn't any good way to change v2 config files without
> > > lots of pain
> > 
> > > Not that we really have a great story for v3 either,
> > ..
> > > really a generic way to override config without editing text files
> > > would be the most ideal.
> > 
> > How about one environment variable that points to another file with
> > options?
> The unfortunate thing is that either this adds lots more Config.lb files
> (one for each payload combination or ROM size), or forces you to patch the
> buildrom-specific file you just introduced.

What scared me about changing the configs on the fly was the extreme amount
of sed magic we would have to do to get it right.  In this case, that fear
isn't there since we're not actually modifying any existing files, so we can
easily add the config options we want with echo >:

ifeq ($(CONFIG_LZMA),y)

That will be pretty generic for most cases - if there is something really
special for a particular platform, we can specify a static override file 
to start and then modify it as above, but that will be the exception, not
the rule.

> I think it's more important to figure out how we really want to configure
> LinuxBIOS (it seems to be a large hurdle for newbies), not buildrom.

Agreed - being able to do these things easily with v3 is a priority.
We have to think about what we would want to control externally, and then
make those knobs easy to turn.

Jordan Crouse
Systems Software Development Engineer 
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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