[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBIOS panic room

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for some time now i have a bootloader in my howbrew rom emulator that can 
read / write to memory in on a byte basis and on a block basis using iHex 
for the block ones
i have adapted it it to run on the pc in porting LB to right now. it can 
erase flash sectors or the whole chip.
im thinking about extending it with IO read/write and pci read/write for the 
larger version ( i only have 8Kbyte atm and that is thight for romcc 
compiled code:-( )

i use single letters in the range G-Z for commands and ignore 0-9 and A-F 
that way if a hex download is aborted it just ignores the rest of the input

a nice addition would be to emit the welcome message over and over again 
with some delay in between (so the reciever is not stressed to much) until 
the first command

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>> I'd say it should accept a lar archive via serial console, perhaps using
>> ymodem, and start executing the first member of the lar.
>> A bit more detailed: If the BIOS fails to verify its checksum, it
>> outputs a message telling you about it over serial, waits for signature
>> to arrive over serial (a standard char sequence with repetitions at the
>> beginning), reads until it has one complete signature, switches serial
>> to ymodem and accepts a lar archive. The first member of the lar is then
>> executed.
>> The "wait for signature" is there to allow people to use multiple tries
>> getting serial speed right. OTOH, if the code outputs a continuous
>> stream of "TESTTEXT\n" while waiting for serial input, the other side
>> can verify serial speed settings as well.
>> What do you think?
> That's the way to go.
> ron
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