[LinuxBIOS] M57 SLI SPI pads

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> Quux <pawn2be.wild at yahoo.de> wrote:
>> there are SPI  sockets out there in industry, but less common &
>> probably pricey. plcc32 is much more commonplace.
>> but then soldering 8 contacts might seem less risky to do manually 
>> compared with 32 contacts.  
>> the 1.0 pcb layout has solder pads for plcc as well as SPI (located 
>> inside of plcc ). is this still the case with 2.0 pcb revisions ?
> From the picture it looks like there is only one set of pads. Sure 8
> contacts seem easier to solder, but I like the idea of having one
> factory bios stuffed away in a safe place, away from the mobo and that
> seems easier to achieve with a socket. :)

how about:
- unsoldering the factory part.
- soldering a 8 pin ?0.05"? pitch connector it its place
- soldering a mating 8 pin connector to any chip you want to use
- maybe add pushpins for easyer handling.

i did not yet look for the right connectors but they mus be out there...
i  would start lloking at smd connector for connecting 2 parrallel pcb's

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