[LinuxBIOS] [PATCH] Move common utilities to util/

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Thu Aug 30 13:37:35 CEST 2007

On Mon, Aug 27, 2007 at 10:33:18AM +0200, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> > Todo
> > ----
> > abuild         -- needs discussion; will it work for v3 eventually?
> No, I think we want to migrate this to use Jordan's buildrom instead and
> thus lower the complexity and number of tools that can be used to build
> LinuxBIOS images. Less tools, better tools.

Good idea, I like it. So abuild stays in v2 for now?

> > ADLO           -- is/should be version-independant
> There was a patch floating around that integrates ADLO directly into v3,
> with ADLO being the loader, not the payload. So the payload would be
> rombios.bin.
> I think merging the few lines of ADLO code into LinuxBIOS v3 directly
> makes a whole lot of sense. ADLO mostly consists of chipset specific
> initialization that we do in LinuxBIOS in some way or the other already,
> so it does not belong in the payload. Think of ADLO as an alternative to
> the ELF loader.

Yep, if ADLO is integral part of v3 that's even better.

> > analysis
> Not sure if this is needed anymore. I think it has to do with used files
> and dependencies.

Drop it? Leave it in v2?

> > buildrom       -- not related to Jordan's buildrom? Needed in v2?
> It's v2 only -- It does "cat normal fallback > linuxbios.rom". So some
> kind of predecessor of lar.

Ok, stays in v2.

> > dump_mmcr
> sc520 specific. I doubt we will ever need this outside of v2. AMD
> replaced the SC520 series with Geode. So since I doubt v3 will ever have
> sc520 support, this should stay and die with v2.

Well, I wouldn't rule out SC520 support in v3. But will this tool be
needed in v3 (if it ever has SC520 support)?

> > getpir
> Not sure. We might want to keep it around, but I think it needs some
> work.

Yes, definately, but it's already useful today and I think it's
version-independant so it should go into util/.

> > lbtdump        -- Do we need this at all? Can't lxbios do the same?
> I added this when lxbios was not part of the tree. We can let this
> bit rot in the v2 tree, but lets not move it on.

OK. Does lxbios support everything lbtdump does? If so I'd even say we
remove it.

> > mptable
> same as getpir

Yep, should go into util/, IMO.

> > probe_superio
> yeah this one!


> > resetcf
> This needs to be integrated in FILO or even better GRUB2 and should
> probably not be moved on.


So here's the updated plan:

 - Move probe_superio to util/superio-detect (rename it while we're at it).
 - Move getpir to util/.
 - Move mptable to util/.

Everything else stays where it is. Looks good?

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