[LinuxBIOS] pre-bricking an A8N-E !

Quux pawn2be.wild at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 29 21:14:16 CEST 2007

I am glad you're asking this question (please also refer to MIT's  "The 
Hacker's dictionary / jargon file)

"*to brick*" a router (for example) can be done by flashing non-working 
firmware into it rendering it useless without chance for reversal. It is 
an expensive door-stop, a brick, or a letter weight or sth. low-tec 
after that.

a "de-bricking" utility is one ( notorious is the debricking tool by a 
guy who likes to call himself  *"hairy dairy maid"* and used in the 
openWRT router project, employing a JPEG hardware interface)

pre-bricking thus might refer to a process where a mainboard is flashed 
with a disfunctional BIOS image, thus bricking it - but where it is done 
with a chance of reversal with further expenditure on additional hard-soft/w
       it is only in a pre-brick state even though delivering the final 
blow to it would not be much harder !


Robert Vogel schrieb:
> This is probably a dumb question.
> What is "pre-bricking" ?
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> Subject: [LinuxBIOS] yo, pre-bricking an A8N-E !
> wow, it only took me only 3 hrs to pre-brick the Asus A8N-E I got at
> ebay for €22.
> I would have been faster, but the ROM / IMAGE SIZE of the current
> revision ist stated as 7F00 instead of  20000hex as in the M57SLI
> target. Once I fixed that I could flash the current revision - and the
> POST card gives me a steady 80.
> I keep you guys informed but the ASUS A8N target is not even flashable
> currently (Also the wiki - downloadable ROM image is bad size (20000hex
> required)).
> I plan to put together a CDROM .ISO file (a remastered dream linux) with
> the LB tree and ready-to-flash working filo-ROM-image. should be a
> quickie.     --Q

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