[LinuxBIOS] [RFC] Call for Action: LinuxBIOS foundations

Rasmus Wiman rasmus at wiman.org
Wed Aug 29 18:45:39 CEST 2007

Robert Millan <rmh at aybabtu.com> wrote:

> Have you considered the possiblity that LinuxBIOS is used for
> Tivoization?

Anyway, anyone who insists on using LinuxBIOS to do evil things will
probably succeed. Apart from tivoization, you could probably construct
some hardware that runs LinuxBIOS but is essentially bricked until some
proprietary payload "unbricks" it.

As for controlling nukes, the license for AmigaOS stated that the
software must not be used to design, manufacture or control nuclear
weapons. Who knows, maybe that id why the Amiga went the way of the
dodo. :)


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