[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBios with SuperIO Winbond W83627HG-AW

Steffen D. ml at saxnet.de
Mon Aug 27 13:59:46 CEST 2007

Dear Mailinglist,

im trying to build a bios for GeodeLX cpu. I have a development board 
from LogicPC. Afaik this is the same board that was used for the 
development for OLCP.
I try it with the svn version Linuxbios-3. I have made a image with make 
menuconfig and configured everything cleary for the geodelx board. I 
flash the rom with windows and a galep 5 flash device.
Im very sure that the flashing works because i can clone the bios which 
comes with the board.

I dont get any output over rs232.

Im using SST 49LF004B roms with 4mbit. Maybe here is the problem? I have 
made linuxbios.rom with a target size of 2mb. I also tryed "cat 
linuxbios.rom linuxbios.rom > linuxbios4m.rom". I found this hin here in 
the ml.

Every help is welcome!



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