[LinuxBIOS] [PATCH] Move common utilities to util/

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Mon Aug 27 10:16:48 CEST 2007


here's my proposal for moving (via 'svn mv') common utilities which are
not specific to a certain version of LinuxBIOS into the global util/
(they are now in the v2 util/).

abuild         -- needs discussion; will it work for v3 eventually?
ADLO           -- is/should be version-independant
buildrom       -- not related to Jordan's buildrom? Needed in v2?
lbtdump        -- Do we need this at all? Can't lxbios do the same?

Projects which should _not_ be moved

newconfig      -- v2-specific
optionlist     -- v2-specific
options        -- needed for v2 build, but we have a fork in v3 (FIXME?)
romcc          -- not used in v3
vgabios        -- we use a different/modified version in v3, so leave this

Already moved

Comments welcome.

If nobody complains, I'll move the projects tomorrow or so.

Another discussion is needed as to which of the utilities we should
draw back into v2/v3 via svn:externals (IMHO _not_ all of them, only
often-used ones). After a quick look I'd suggest the following:

 - adlo (while we're at it, we should rename it from ADLO to adlo, IMO)
   This will be used often for booting Windows and OpenBSD soon...

 - flashrom (already done), often used for flashing.

 - lxbios (already done), often used for changing options.

Commens welcome.

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