[LinuxBIOS] [patch] flashrom: Fix support for Winbond W39V040FA

Darmawan Salihun darmawan.salihun at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 03:26:01 CEST 2007

On 8/22/07, Uwe Hermann <uwe at hermann-uwe.de> wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 22, 2007 at 12:24:38AM +0700, Darmawan Salihun wrote:
> >    I forgot to include the my copyright for the added file previously.
> > Fixed. See patch
> Does this lock/unlock also apply to other Winbond chips? The rest of the
> code looks pretty much the same as for other chips, maybe it lock/unlock
> functions can be merged into one of the œxisting files?
> This chip is an Firmware Hub (FWH) chip. I don't see the code applies to
other Winbond chip that's not an FWH. As for merging the lock/unlock
function, I will need to read other winbond chip to see if there's a
possibility for that.


Darmawan Salihun
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