[LinuxBIOS] lpci_set_subsystem question

Marc Jones marc.jones at amd.com
Wed Aug 15 23:13:32 CEST 2007

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> * Marc Jones <marc.jones at amd.com> [070815 23:01]:
>> Shouldn't the PCI config register always be 0x2c (subsystem ID register) 
>> like in the last example (bcm5780_sb_pci_main.c)? Should these functions 
>> even be there since there is a stock pci_dev_set_subsystem() that seems 
>> to be correct?
> I think on some systems 2c is always read-only, while on others it is
> read/write or read-once. Those with read-only 2c have a writable
> register that mirrors the value to 2c.
> Not sure if that's the case here.

Ah, That could be it. I will see if I have some specs for those devices 
that look odd.


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