[LinuxBIOS] I have a push pin flash (Huzzah!) Now to get some more...

Richard Wilson Richard.Wilson at senokian.com
Wed Aug 15 16:45:15 CEST 2007

Chris Lingard wrote:
> Richard Wilson wrote:
>> Having consulted the list and concluded I was unlikely to find a Bios
>> Saviour, I went at my chip with a push pin and some superglue. Success!
>> Thanks to all who made suggestions. I have two important questions:
>> I've found a UK ebay item of 6 SST 39SF020A chips, which appear to be
>> the ones I want for my EPIA-MII 12000. Am I right, and could I go for a
>> 4Meg chip if I wanted?
>> Additionally, I have next to no coding ability, so I feel it falls to me
>> to contribute in some other way. There are 6 currently available in the
>> auction, and I feel I need at most 3. Are there any active developers
>> who'd like a free 39F020A? I'd quite happily buy the lot and send the
>> unneeded ones anywhere in Europe, if it'll do some good to the project.
>> Heck I could probably stretch to the US if the postage isn't too hideous.
>> Any takers? The auction ends in 5 days, but its a buy it now, so if I
>> want them all I should probably get them sooner rather than later...
> Saw your post on LinuxBios, I am about to start work on it too.
> I have already a Gigabyte M57SLI mother board, and have built the
> machine and installed Linux. I am using it right now.
> I am a system programmer but have no knowledge of engineering at all
> I need to buy whatever you solder onto the motherboard, a guy at the
> local computer shop can do the actual work.
> I can get the 120K resister, the three pieces of wire and a switch;
> after that you may as well speak Ancient Greek to me.
> Can you fix me up with what I need to buy, I can pay, I do not need a
> handout.  Thanks
> Chris Lingard
I think there might be a bit of confusion here - I'm planning on buying
some bios chips and putting push pin knobs on them to make them easier
to swap around - I'm not making any custom hardware or the home-brew
switcher others have mentioned. The ebay auction I'm looking at is at
if you want to get some chips yourself. I wasn't suggesting anyone
needed handouts, but I do know that there's a few developers on the list
who are currently students, and I remember being a bit short of pennies
when I was at university myself, not so long ago...

Richard W

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