[LinuxBIOS] Questions to flashing BIOS chips

Thomas Buschhardt ml at saxnet.de
Wed Aug 15 13:54:59 CEST 2007

Hallo Peter

> It is quite likely that the different sample BIOS images from the
> vendors are different, even if for the same hardware.
Of course they differ, but if I read 1 chip 3 times and compare the 
bin's - they differ too :-(
> The GALEP 5 seems to be a really good piece of hardware so it seems
> unlikely to be the problem.
> Can you get a few other flash chips for further testing?
Today I telephone with the Galep producer and he said - some chip 
vendors use a "writeprotection technic" that u cant use the free samples 
to burn your own image on it. I order some new (clean ;-)) chips. I 
understand these method, because one of these vendor (www.insydesw.com) 
offer 50 chips for free - its quite a lot of money (1 chip is about 5.90 

Cheers Thomas

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