[LinuxBIOS] PC Engines ALIX board - flashrom

Ingmar Schraub is at eseco.de
Tue Aug 14 15:14:40 CEST 2007


I got a new PC Engines ALIX board, which comes with the Geode LX800 /
CS5536 chip.

Since Pascal Dornier from PC Engines has shipped another board to Ron
Minnich a few days ago, I contacted him already. Ron is interested in
helping, but away for the next two weeks.

So I got started, trying to let 'flashrom' detect the pieces. Note: I am
an absolutely beginner when it comes to LinuxBIOS! So please forgive me
if I explain things a bitn odd or wrong. ;-)

The chipset is not detected.

FLASH_ENABLE enables[] need an entry for 0x1022, 0x2090 and a
enable_flash function.  That's problem #1. What must be done inside
flash_enable for that flash?

Problem #2: the flash device is not deteced. However, I read on the
flash chip "SST 49LF040B". According to the flashrom sources it should
be supported.

Any idea what's wrong here or what I would need to do?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

regards, Ingmar

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