[LinuxBIOS] RD1-PL - Am I having a laugh trying to find one?

Richard Wilson Richard.Wilson at senokian.com
Sat Aug 11 23:08:38 CEST 2007

Hullo all,

I'm looking at playing round with LB on an EPIA MII-12000, but I don't
so much like the idea of bricking the thing. From the documentation on
the website, and from watching the mailing lists, it seems that an
RD1-PL is the best way to avoid this. From the mailing list archives and
my own research, it seems finding one of the things is likely to be the
hardest part of the entire endeavour. The only place on the entire
'where to buy' list on the manufacturer website that seems to have any
in stock, is in German, and even with the help of Google Translate, I'm
a bit lost trying to work my way round the site. Does anyone know of
anywhere that might have one? I don't mind buying from pretty much any
country in Europe or America, if I can only find one! Alternatively,
maybe someone bought a few, and would be prepared to sell me one? Heck,
I'd even buy two and donate one to the project, if that would do some good.


Richard W

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