[LinuxBIOS] hardware donation

popkonserve popkonserve at gmx.de
Sat Aug 11 18:08:44 CEST 2007

Hi Robert,
i guess hardware donations are accepted but i don't know who's taking 
care of the 'distribution'. it only makes sense to me if the shipping 
costs wouldn't be too high (e.g. donate to someone living in your 
country). Please let us know where you are from so that we can find 
someone living somewhere near you.

this is for all the others here, too:
i've smd (de-)soldering equipment (hot air and pencil soldering iron) 
and good normal soldering equipment at home. i've been doing 
professional smd finepitch work for 3 years..just if someone would need 
some mainboard or bios fixed or a piggyback dual-bios.
just keep in mind that i live in germany, so it wouldn't make any sense 
to send something over from the u.s. i guess :)

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