[LinuxBIOS] Generic RAM detection routine

Joseph Smith joe at smittys.pointclark.net
Thu Aug 9 17:03:09 CEST 2007

Quoting popkonserve <popkonserve at gmx.de>:

>> Interesting. How will this work without reading SPD data without the
>> smbus? Will it just be able to detect if memory is populated? Size?
>> Other important info to set northbridge registers? Do tell....
> since EDO/FPM don't have a SPD eeprom there's no need trying to get any
> data out of it :)
> size and internal organisation detection is done by a simple algorithm.
> i hope i'll have a sample of it ready later. it'll feature the ram init
> and detection of the Intel 430FX chipset and will have lots of comments
> :) the rest should be a bit of datasheet surfing and register adapting
> (more or less).
> Holger
> --
Cool for simms, but not sure how this would work out for SDRAM, DDR,  
DDR2, etc. There is alot of data that comes from the SPD eeprom that  
the nothbridge needs to set up its registers, and check for  
compatability, etc. That's where the SMBUS needs to come in....

Still, I am very interested. Can you elaborate on what kind of data  
the "simple algorithm" will be able to produce?

Thanks - Joe

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