[LinuxBIOS] Generic RAM detection routine

popkonserve popkonserve at gmx.de
Wed Aug 8 22:10:03 CEST 2007

i'll have a generic ram detection routine ready by the end of the week 
that it able to detect any size of EDO/FPM (and maybe SDRAM too) just by 
reading/writing data. it doesn't need to access any smbus. i'll use this 
routine to support DRAM initialization on almost any socket 7 
chipset..just have a little patience. the routine will not be able to 
determine any memory latencies by itself, so it may require user 
interactity or it will just set default values.
the chipsets that will be supported:
ALi Aladdin III/IV/IV/V
AMD 640
Intel 430FX/HX/VX/TX
SiS 5501,5502,5503/5120/5571/5581,5582/5591,5592/5597,5598/530
VIA 570M/580VP(VP1)/580VPX(VPX)/595(VP2)/597(VP3)/598(MVP3)
before you ask: yes, i'll write a separate raminit.c for all those 
chipsets..so it may take a while. anyway, the all use the same ram 
detection routine that, as said before, will be finished by the end of 
the week. any help is appreciated.
if the ram detection works for sdram as well (i didn't took a closer 
look but i guess it works just like the edo/fpm detection) i'll write 
routines for various Slot1 chipsets, too. Intel LX/BX first i guess.
btw. if you happen to live in germany and you want to donate some of the 
above listed hardware for testing purpose: drop me a line :)

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