[LinuxBIOS] VIA K8T890+VT8237 - update of the status

Corey Osgood corey.osgood at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 03:26:33 CEST 2007

Rudolf Marek wrote:
> I'm typing this message in Thunderbird from LinuxBIOS booted system. Yeah I told
> this last time, but I have still some issues left.

Great job!

> 2) Reboot does not work.
>    I dont know what I have wrong, but my fallback image just produces the
> initial string when console is initialized and nothing more. I have no
> clue what
> is wrong. I dont know what failover and fallback is precisely...
> 5)
> I have some issues with LB itself when preparing various init files. The
> resource system have some serious trouble if I add my file for the
> PCIe bridge
> init. If I call the function not from init or enable methods but from
> general
> init and via pci_find_device, everything will work again. This seems
> like some
> issue with the infrastructure of LB rather than HW problem.

Both of these should be solved with ACPI tables, one of the Epia-M pages
in the wiki has some good info on using iasl. Also make sure
HAVE_HARD_RESET = 0 in mainboard Options.lb

> I may write more about my issues if only someone is willing to help ;)
> I can put
> my code online somewhere. Maybe it would be good to check it in even
> if the code
>  for NB is a bit of mess.

That's your call, but I doubt it could hurt. First check that your code
is at least fairly clean and follows the coding guidelines (check the
wiki). You might also want to check with Via and make sure that's okay,
I don't know what your status is regarding NDAs. If you don't have one
at all, you should be fine.

> USB/sound/SATA/IDE/PCIe/Network/Serial/Graphics/APIC works do far...

USB works? Have you made any fixes or are you using the code I sent you
as-is? And for graphics, are you using onboard or a seperate card?


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