[LinuxBIOS] VIA K8T890+VT8237 - update of the status

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Wed Aug 8 01:19:01 CEST 2007

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Hello all,

I'm typing this message in Thunderbird from LinuxBIOS booted system. Yeah I told
this last time, but I have still some issues left.

1)  Single channel memory problems

I have two 512MB dimms in singe channel, because LinuxBIOS does not handle
dualchannel for unbuffered Dimms. However when I'm using 512-1024MB of the RAM
systems forces to random reboot when booting kernel or when in X. Booting with
mem=512MB works like a charm

2) Reboot does not work.
   I dont know what I have wrong, but my fallback image just produces the
initial string when console is initialized and nothing more. I have no clue what
is wrong. I dont know what failover and fallback is precisely...

3) DMA to 0xE0000-0xEFFFF fails
This is under investigation. I asked VIA about this.

4) no HPET and no ACPI, no PCI MCONFIG yet

I have some issues with LB itself when preparing various init files. The
resource system have some serious trouble if I add my file for the PCIe bridge
init. If I call the function not from init or enable methods but from general
init and via pci_find_device, everything will work again. This seems like some
issue with the infrastructure of LB rather than HW problem.

I may write more about my issues if only someone is willing to help ;) I can put
my code online somewhere. Maybe it would be good to check it in even if the code
 for NB is a bit of mess.

USB/sound/SATA/IDE/PCIe/Network/Serial/Graphics/APIC works do far...



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