[LinuxBIOS] Tyan S2885 memreset problem!!

Feng, Libo Libo.Feng at amd.com
Fri Aug 3 09:12:55 CEST 2007

We seemed to have the same problem before. We just set DQS_TRAIN_DEBUG 1 in /northbridge/amd/amdk8/raminit_f_dqs.c to solve the problem. We don't know the reason. Mr. Lu Yinghai once suggested to use a new version gcc to actually solve the problem. You can try it. We use LB 2584, and gcc is 4.0.0. Because we just want to get some BIOS experience by learning LinuxBIOS, so the version is very old.

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Help help ... 

I have checked out from the first time the source code of Tyan s2885 is placed on v2.1090 to v2.2140.  (I have tried 1100, 1150, 1322, 1390, 1430, 1530, 1550 ... 2010, 2050, 2090)

I wasn't able to build images successfully for Tyan s2885 until v2.2140.
Probably it's my environment's problem. 
Somehow, the system still stop at memreset.
Does it means that I have to spend  DOLLARs? .... 

Richard Wei

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On 7/30/07, Richard Wei <outlander_wei at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Oh... I check it again.
> The information right on the AMD Opteron processor is OSA240CC05AH.
> By the last two digit, I think I have Rev. B3.
> AD CPUID:Model4ESRev.C0–0.13um
> AG CPUID:Model5(max.1CPU)Rev.B3-0,13umSledgehammer core AH 
> CPUID:Model5(max.2CPU)Rev.B3-0,13umSledgehammer core AI  
> CPUID:Model5(max.8CPU)Rev.B3-0,13umSledgehammer core AK 
> CPUID:Model5(max.1CPU)Rev.C0-0,13umSledgehammer core AL 
> CPUID:Model5(max.2CPU)Rev.C0-0,13umSledgehammer core
> AMCPUID:Model5(max.8CPU)Rev.C0-0,13umSledgehammer core

wow, how can you get that? it seems only LANL's big cluster is using that.

that cpu can not reset memory directly, so it need SB's help to reset memory...

I wonder if support cache_as_ram too...

I suggest you may download some old tar to test that.
or i could send you one image that i buld in blind to try luck...


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