[LinuxBIOS] #86: filo sata boot delay patch

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Thu Aug 2 18:08:02 CEST 2007

#86: filo sata boot delay patch
   Reporter:  ward              |          Owner:  somebody
       Type:  defect            |         Status:  new     
   Priority:  major             |      Milestone:          
  Component:  code              |        Version:  v2      
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Patchstatus:  patch needs work  |  
 I've been using the attached patch to filo on machines that need to boot
 from SATA disks. It's only necessary on cold boot, as the problem is the
 physical spin-up of the drives.

 The patch is very crude, and there have been reports that a shorter delay
 is sufficient. I have not had time to test a shorter delay, and I suspect
 that the length of the delay might depend somewhat on the drives used.

 Ideally there would be a way for FILO to see if the boot was cold or warm
 so that it could apply the delay in the cold-boot case only. Also, this
 delay should be configurable in FILO's Config file.

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