[LinuxBIOS] No keyboard.

Feng, Libo Libo.Feng at amd.com
Thu Aug 2 11:21:05 CEST 2007

Hi, all,

Today, I almost finish LinuxBIOS on Tyan s3992. A text-mode RedHat is booted, and a "Hello, World" is written and run. Thank a lot of people here. The mistake I made is building LinuxBIOS on a FC machine and testing it on another RH machine, many machine check panics arose.

The one thing left is that keyboard is not enabled in Linux. It seems it is not correctly configured in LinuxBIOS. I have to use a serial port and terminal to access the machine. Where the keyboard is enabled in LinuxBIOS? And maybe easier, Linux has some kind of application like Windows to configure keyboard or not?

Best Regards

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