[LinuxBIOS] (Windows port of flashrom) -- looking for suggestions

roger roger at eskimo.com
Mon Apr 30 20:44:24 CEST 2007

On Mon, 2007-04-30 at 11:52 +0200, Quux wrote:
> hi Darmawan,
> a decent flashing software is badly in need. otherwise there is only 
> UNIFLASH, a DOS turbo pascal 7 program, which is not covering some 
> recent hardware and die PCI Expansion ROM support is patchy. It may also 
> make sense to make a knoppix liveimage with full LinuxBIOS integration 
> to allow legacy mainbios modification under Linux with flashrom.   --Q

I second using UNIFLASH.  A person can easily create a FreeDOS boot
cdrom incorporating UNIFLASH or booting UNIFLASH on another cdrom media.

However, I agree about incorporating flashrom into knoppix or, my
favorite, SystemRescueCD (it's Gentoo based ;-).

I don't know if Knoppix will integrate as it's more of a candy coated
cdrom, but I can almost guarentee the maintainer of SystemRescueCD would
integrate flashrom.  To ease integration, I was thinking about creating
an ebuild for LinuxBIOS or just Flashrom.

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Mon Apr 30 11:43:02 PDT 2007

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