[LinuxBIOS] Tyan S2882 Payload

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 12:29:06 CEST 2007

James E. Bradley wrote:

>>> I recently purchased a Tyan S2882 motherboard so that I could play with
> main/grub/builtin.o:builtins.c:(.text+0x1db7): more undefined references 
> to `__stack_chk_fail' follow
> make: *** [filo] Error 1
> I've attempted the compile with gcc 4.1.2 (Ubuntu 4.1.2-0ubuntu4) on 
> kubuntu feisty.

Ubuntu has the stack protector enabled.  You can workaround by adding
'-fno-stack-protector' into the CFLAGS of your makefile.

Richard A. Smith
smithbone at gmail.com

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