[LinuxBIOS] Fwd: ECS top hat flash - dual-bios-circuit useable els ewhere ?

David H. Barr dhbarr at gozelle.com
Mon Apr 30 04:18:22 CEST 2007

Jmayes, author of...

  "Tivo piggy-back PROM"
  "How to build the Tivo PROM piggy socket", and
  "Tivo PROM piggy-back socket installation"

...has given explicit permission for these documents to be posted to this list;
for them to be published under the "Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
3.0 License" found at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ ;
and for their contents to be inserted into the LinuxBIOS wiki.

I have temprorarily hosted these documents at...


...until such time as their useful data is wikified.

Again, none of this is my original work; all I did was ask for permission.


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From: Jmayes - Direct
Date: Apr 29, 2007 8:48 PM
Subject: RE: [LinuxBIOS] ECS top hat flash - dual-bios-circuit useable els
ewhere ?
To: "David H. Barr" <dhbarr at gozelle.com>

Ok, that sounds fine to me :)

Go ahead and post.

Hope it helps out.

Thankx again,

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From: David H. Barr [mailto:dhbarr at gozelle.com]
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To: Jmayes - Direct
Subject: Re: [LinuxBIOS] ECS top hat flash - dual-bios-circuit useable els
ewhere ?


My gut says to go with the "Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
License", found at


When you break it down this says:
  - I want people to be able to use this
  - I don't care if they make some money off of it
  - I want to be recognized as the original author
  - I want people to be able to modify and redistribute this, but only if they
    keep this same set of provisions.

A quick note posted directly back to me indicating that it is okay for me to
release your work under this or another specific license of your choice would
be great; that way there's a written understanding.

Basically I intend to simply CC: your 'pdfs to the LinuxBIOS list with the
CreativeCommons license attached and your name mentioned as the original author
and copyright holder, and then put the content in the LinuxBIOS wiki.

Thanks again for your affirmitive response; I just want to make doubly certain
before I use someone else's good work.

Thanks again,

On 4/29/07, Jmayes - Direct wrote:
> HI,
> No problem, you can just pick whatever licence you think will do- my
> first guess is the 'Sharealike'.  I am not interested in any fame or
> fortune, just glad the info is going to good use.
> I finally found a good low-profile socket at digikey- I will try to
> find the info, Almost all of the USA made sockets are too tall (made
> with to much plastic), but most of the china ones are fine.
> I have used this trick (piggyback rom) in many widgets, saves huge
> time vs taking the old one off the board, most cases you have to cut
> the enable pin to the original prom but sometimes you can do it
> without any cuts at all.
> Just get me some info on your target devices and I can help.
> Thankx and goodluck!
> Jeff
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> From: David H. Barr [mailto:dhbarr at gozelle.com]
> Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2007 5:19 PM
> To: Jmayes - Direct
> Subject: Fwd: [LinuxBIOS] ECS top hat flash - dual-bios-circuit
> useable elsewhere ?
> Greetings.
> I'm with the LinuxBIOS project, and I was wondering if we could get
> permission to license your three documents...
>   * "How to build the Tivo PROM piggy socket"
>   * "Tivo PROM piggy-back socket installation"
>   * "Tivo piggy-back PROM"
> ...under some sort of open license such as...
>   * Free Documentation License
>   * Creative Commons License
>   * Attribution License
>   * Sharealike License
> Basically I want to be able to share this data with our other
> developers, but I want to make sure you get credit for sparking me on
> this idea.  We're basically doing the same work you did with TiVo's,
> except we do server, desktop, and embedded motherboard BIOS chips.
> Let me know what I'd need to do to make this happen.  I think the
> easiest method for -our- purposes would be permission to copy the data
> and pictures out of your PDFs and into the LinuxBIOS wiki.  I can
> guarantee your name and URL would be included, and like I mentioned
> any open license that allows people to update, correct, etc. the
> original would be awesome.
> Anyhoo, I've wasted enough of your time.  Thanks for taking the time
> to read this.
> -dhbarr.
> PS: Attached is the conversation on-list that sparked all this.
> On 4/29/07, Peter Stuge <stuge-linuxbios at cdy.org> wrote:
> > On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 01:38:44PM -0500, David H. Barr wrote:
> > > > I'd love to find out more about exactly how this is done.
> > >
> > > Probably a lot like the TiVo PROM back-to-back socket.  Basically
> > > two plcc32 sockets soldered back to back with a few pin tweaks.
> >
> > Yes, with "a lot like" and "a few tweaks" being the gaps I'd like to
> > fill. :p
> >
> >
> > > Yet another variation on dead-roaching or piggy-backing a chip.
> > >
> > > "tivo prom piggy" should get you there as a search query.
> >
> > Not really with a lot of detail unless I registered at the DDB
> > forum. Oh how I hate forums.
> >
> > Anyway, at least one of the posts indicated that a trace needs to be
> > cut, and one wire needs to be soldered. This solves the problem I'm
> > interested in, but I'm only interested in ways to accomplish the
> > same thing completely without soldering.
> >
> >
> > > I've occasionally wondered how hard it would be to have something
> > > like this manufactured, thereby bypassing the whole TopHat /
> > > BIOSSavior vendor specific issue.
> >
> > The BIOS savior is very generic. Some issues may come from the
> > choice of flash chip inside it, but there would probably be issues
> > on other boards with another chip if that's the actual cause of the
> > reported problems.
> >
> > TopHat I don't know about. I'm interested in Quux' findings! :)
> >
> >
> > On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 09:44:43PM +0200, Quux wrote:
> > > the tivo socket has no circuitry at all.
> >
> > Really? Is there a schematic somewhere?

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