[LinuxBIOS] Is that mainboard supported? - DTK PRM-0080I E1

roger roger at eskimo.com
Sat Apr 28 07:14:28 CEST 2007

On Fri, 2007-04-27 at 23:59 -0400, Simon Comeau Martel wrote:
> Is that mainboard supported? - DTK PRM-0080I E1
> Northbridge: 440BX

The 440BX has been said to be working in v1.

Uwe has created/ported into a tyan/s1846 tree in LinuxBIOSv2.  The S1846
is a 440BX board but it has a different SuperIO.

So I've created a patch replacing the tyan/s1846 SuperIO with the
W83977EF SuperIO chip code.

Really simple... but..

> Super I/O chip: Winbond W83977EF-AW

I'm stuck here trying to get console_init.

W83977EF is said to be working in LinuxBIOSv1 tree, but an earlier
W83977TF released chip was ported over to LinuxBIOSv2.  Basically,
they're basically the same chips so it's just a matter of resolving an
address conflict.

You can google for "W83977 linuxbios" and you'll pull up some good info.

And, console init seems to be really the only problem as my bios
postcard shows the linuxbios rom image loading and executing quite
happily to a point well passed where console init should have been

> Type of BIOS device: Winbond W29C020C-90B

This was just added (or has been in) util/flashrom 

I haven't posted any linuxbios rom images for this W83977EF as I've yet
to get console to init.  But, I've posted a patch here:

or, top page where you can see the 440BX boards I own.


Really, the northbridge problem seems more trivial then a big issue.
IMO, it's just a matter of finding what is missing or isn't working in
v2 and why v1 works.  Could be tomorrow, or soon. (hopefully ;-)

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Fri Apr 27 22:14:21 PDT 2007

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