[LinuxBIOS] about programming BIOS Savior

Luc Verhaegen libv at skynet.be
Thu Apr 26 15:26:19 CEST 2007

On Thu, Apr 26, 2007 at 03:04:40PM +0200, Mondrian Nuessle wrote:
> Yes, when I looked around for good pci vendor/device ids respectively
> subsystem ids, I got the impression that are no unambiguous ids.
> Identification works perfectly once LinuxBIOS is booted using the
> LinuxBios supplied vendor/part.
> My suggestion then would be to remove matching of the board based on PCI
> ids for the DK8-HTX.
> Instead matching should only be done based on the name. If flashrom is
> used on a system booted by factory BIOS, the flash might fail (actually
> only if you have flash write protection enbaled in the factory BIOS
> setup). One need to provide board name on the command line. This seems
> to be much safer than guessing what board we're on and the fiddling with
> the GPIOs... Of course, this should also be documented, and maybe a
> warning message if the board could not be identified should be printed.
> I could provide a patch in that direction. What do you think?
> Mondrian
Provide linuxbios name and only main ids and the matcher will not try to 
match on pci-ids.

Luc Verhaegen.

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