[LinuxBIOS] The wrong device number causes VGA not to work.

Feng, Libo Libo.Feng at amd.com
Thu Apr 26 10:51:29 CEST 2007

My boot log: fc220000 should be fff80000.

PCI: 00:0c.0 init
rom address for PCI: 00:0c.0 = fc220000
Incorrect Expansion ROM Header Signature 7070


The right settings: abstracted from http://www.linuxbios.org/pipermail/linuxbios/2007-April/020008.html

[LB] PCI: 01:06.0 init
[LB] rom address for PCI: 01:06.0 = fff80000
[LB] copying VGA ROM Image from 0xfff80000 to 0xc0000, 0x8000 bytes
[LB] entering emulator
[LB] halt_sys: file /home/lexa/W/LinuxBIOS/LinuxBIOSv2-2520/src/devices/emulator/x86e
[LB] mu/ops.c, line 4387

How to set the right device number? Thank you.

Best Regards

丰立波 Feng Libo @ AMD  Ext: 20906
Mobile Phone: 13683249071
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