[LinuxBIOS] Random Bios Postcodes after 0x88 with 440BX

roger roger at eskimo.com
Thu Apr 26 08:43:49 CEST 2007

Here's a quick patch for re-working the Tyan S1846 (440BX) tree to work
with the DFI P2BXL (440BX) but using a winbond superio.

(I noticed I forget to modify from "PC87309_SP1" to "W83977TF_SP1"

But still, no console and only "0x80 0x88 0xE7" series bios post_code
seems to be commonly displayed here.

Attached a quick patch for review if anybody's interested.

Key fingerprint = 8977 A252 2623 F567 70CD 1261 640F C963 1005 1D61

Wed Apr 25 23:38:18 PDT 2007
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