[LinuxBIOS] VMWare almost there, IDE problems

Joe Pub joepubber at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 26 08:39:21 CEST 2007

Hi Peter,

Yea, it seems to wait for that length of time before the error
appears.  Here is the log output of the latest patch.

menu: hda1:/boot/filo/menu.lst
malloc_diag: alloc: 160 bytes (4 blocks), free: 16216 bytes (1 blocks)
file_open: dev=hda1, path=/boot/filo/menu.lst
find_ide_controller: found PCI IDE controller 8086:7111 prog_if=0x8a
find_ide_controller: primary channel: compatibility mode
find_ide_controller: cmd_base=0x1f0 ctrl_base=0x3f4
ide_software_reset: Waiting for ide0 to become ready for reset... ok
init_drive: Testing for hda
init_drive: Probing for hda
init_drive: LBA mode, sectors=2097152
init_drive: Init device params... ok
hda: LBA 1073MB: VMware Virtual IDE Hard Drive
init_drive: Testing for hdb
init_drive: Testing for hdb
ide_readmany: sector 0 to 0x0011d8e0
IDE timeout after 32000 ms while waiting for not_bsy()
pio_data_in: Device not ready before sending command
Disk read error dev=1 drive=0 sector=0
devread: read sector failed
open_pc_partition: device read failed
devopen: can't open partition 1
malloc_diag: alloc: 144 bytes (3 blocks), free: 16232 bytes (1 blocks)

On 25/04/07, Peter Stuge <stuge-linuxbios at cdy.org> wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> On Wed, Apr 25, 2007 at 07:26:25AM +0100, Joe Pub wrote:
> > I have applied the patch, and also enabled the IDE polling option.
> > Timeout still occurs.  Log included below.
> :(
> > One thing that I have changed which I don't think will affect
> > things (might be wrong here), but my version of GCC/as doesn't
> > support the option -Wno-pointer-sign so I removed it.
> Yes, that's ok.
> > ide_readmany: sector 0 to 0011d7c0
> > IDE time out waiting for not_bsy
> This should be a 32 second timeout. Is it? (32s delay before the time
> out error) If not, the problem is with timing.
> Attached is a new patch with a bit more detailed debugging output,
> sorry for the hassle, I should already have had this in place. :\
> I've also made some small changes to the timer code, not sure if it
> should matter though.. Try it out.
> //Peter
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