[LinuxBIOS] Random Bios Postcodes after 0x88 with 440BX

roger roger at eskimo.com
Thu Apr 26 04:26:21 CEST 2007

Using a PCI Bios Postcard here and seeing some random Bios Postcodes.

clipping from LinuxBIOSv2/documentation/POSTCODES:
0x10 Entry into protected mode
0x01 Entry into 'crt0.s' reset code jumps to here
0x11 Start copying LinuxBIOS to RAM with decompression if compressed
0x12 Copy/decompression finished jumping to RAM
0x80 Entry into LinuxBIOS in RAM
0x13 Entry into c_start
0xfe Pre call to hardwaremain()
0x39 Console is initialized
0x40 Console boot message succeeded
0x66 Devices have been enumerated
0x88 Devices have been configured
0x89 Devices have been enabled

I don't know if the above are listed in an order that states these
postcodes should be reported on the device or any order, but I do get
the following reported on my postcard in order:

0x80, 0x88, E7
0x80, 0x88, 27
0x80, 0x88, A1, AC

(Notice the 3rd and 4th post_code reported appear random.)

Back Ground Info:
I'm using the s1826 target with a 440BX board that has a Winbond
w83977tf SuperIO chip.

So I made the following changes for supporting the SuperIO W83977EF-AW

/*#include "superio/nsc/pc87309/pc87309_early_serial.c"*/
#include "superio/winbond/w83977tf/w83977tf_early_serial.c"

/*#define SERIAL_DEV PNP_DEV(0x2e, PC87309_SP1)*/
#define SERIAL_DEV PNP_DEV(0x3f0, W83977TF_SP1)

(w83977tf is an earlier model of the w83977ef-aw chip but appears very
similar layout, if not, the same with minor fixes or updates.)

>From what I'm guessing, superio devices are configured by the 0x88
post_code, but enabling the devices fails???

Key fingerprint = 8977 A252 2623 F567 70CD 1261 640F C963 1005 1D61

Wed Apr 25 19:26:00 PDT 2007

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