[LinuxBIOS] VMWare almost there, IDE problems

Joe Pub joepubber at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 24 20:47:44 CEST 2007

Yea, the CPU speed reported within the boot log is my native CPU
speed.  I have applied the patch at no avail,  I get the following
now, but still have the timeout issue.

find_ide_controller: found PCI IDE controller 8086:7111 prog_if=0x8a
find_ide_controller: primary channel: compatibility mode
find_ide_controller: cmd_base=0x1f0 ctrl_base=0x3f4
ide_software_reset: Waiting for ide0 to become ready for reset... ok
init_drive: Testing for hda
init_drive: Probing for hda
init_drive: LBA mode, sectors=2097152
init_drive: Init device params... ok
hda: LBA 1073MB: VMware Virtual IDE Hard Drive
init_drive: Testing for hdb
init_drive: Testing for hdb
ide_readmany: sector 0 to 0011d760
IDE time out
Disk read error dev=1 drive=0 sector=0
devread: read sector failed
open_pc_partition: device read failed
devopen: can't open partition 1
malloc_diag: alloc: 144 bytes (3 blocks), free: 16232 bytes (1 blocks)

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