[LinuxBIOS] DFI P2XBL Motherboard Target (440BX)

roger roger at eskimo.com
Fri Apr 20 03:58:08 CEST 2007

On Thu, 2007-04-19 at 18:07 -0400, Corey Osgood wrote:
> roger wrote:
> > src/superio/winbond/w83977tf/w83977tf.h appears to me it's in decimal
> > format compared to src/superio/nsc/pc87309/pc87309.h which is in
> > hexadecimal format.  Could this be an issue?
> > 
> > Also, still not getting output after just editing the auto.c and
> > replacing pc97309 with w83977tf.  One thing I left out was, the ASUS P2B
> > auto.c impliments w83977tf with the the following (0x3f0) value:
> > #define SERIAL_DEV PNP_DEV(0x3f0, W83977TF_SP1)
> > 
> The w83977tf worked fine for me with whatever code is currently in
> linuxbios for it, and the above line. Others have had problems with
> getting the tf's code to work on other versions, you might be better off
> to try porting from another super io, and see what happens.

Out of curiosity, did a search on google for this superio and noticed a
similar discussion. Some recommendations of also using a Bios Post Card.
If you think it'd be wise, I'll grab one for $30 or so.


Both chips seem similar along with using 0x3f0 and 0x370 twice to put
the chip into extended mode. (I think this is why 0x3f0 is being passed

Anyways, I've seen no output on serial yet with using the
0x3f0,0x3f0,0x370 values so far.

If these values are what I'm thinking is there a need to use other
values for this function?  (..forgive my C lingo. :-/)

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Thu Apr 19 18:49:50 PDT 2007

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