[LinuxBIOS] Help: IWILL DK8-HTX: Normal image doesn't run, POST code 0x80

Alexei I. Adamovich lexa at adam.botik.ru
Thu Apr 19 16:47:42 CEST 2007


After some inspection of the serial console output, I've found that I
never got the Normal image running, only the Fallback one.

With lxbios I have changed boot_option value to the "Normal" value ,
then stopped the system. After turning the power on no serial console
output was seen.

The POST card displays the "80"
(seems, the sequence was "00" -> "10" -> "80")

Hardware reset changes nothing, but the POST sequence from 00 to 80 was

After switching the power first off and then on, the Fallback image
was loaded successfully.

As to me, I thought that the only difference between
the images is a payload contents. But clearly this
Normal image hangs far before any payload is touched.

What could be the problem?

BTW, does anybody know the most recent LinuxBIOS release,
that is confirmed working on iwill:dk8_htx witout problems?

Thanks in advance,

Alexei I. Adamovich

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