[LinuxBIOS] Success: GA-M57SLI-S4 dual bios

Peter Stuge stuge-linuxbios at cdy.org
Tue Apr 17 15:00:31 CEST 2007

On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 at 02:45:53PM +0200, ST wrote:
> Hi
> > Could you try also with a resistor, instead of shorting directly to
> > ground? About 10k. That would be nicer to the chipset output drivers.
> > (I wanted to desolder the pin completely for that reason too.)
> I'm am only shorting the *input* pin #init to ground

Yes, I'm talking about the output driver, in the chipset, that is
connected to INIT#.

> which is pulled up by a pull-up resistor (which i didn't found).

Aha. Did you measure a resistance to Vdd? If the chipset output is
open collector then I'm worried for no reason. :)

> But i will post s.t. detailled with images and stuff so anyone with
> little solder experience can do it herself.

Nice, thanks!


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