[LinuxBIOS] #77: hang on the "Jumping to LinuxBIOS" step on via epia-m with 4-chip 128Mbyte ddr module

Бутырский Андрей Михайлович butirsky at sovtex.ru
Mon Apr 16 19:14:53 CEST 2007

> with 4-chip 128Mbyte single-sided ddr-400 module via epia-m hangs on the
>"Jumping to LinuxBIOS". With legacy via's bios no problem with this
> module. After changing to 256Mb 8-chips single-sided module the problem
> gone away. 512Mb 16-chips dual-sided module works also.

It was my post.
If somebody going to fix this problem, I ready to do some dirty work about supplying debug serial logs, etc. :-)

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