[LinuxBIOS] Problem to Support SuperIO Winbond W83977AF

ccases at navista.fr ccases at navista.fr
Mon Apr 16 09:41:58 CEST 2007

> ccases at navista.fr wrote:
>> I have test to use the early_mtrr_init(), no positive result. No com
>> port
>> for now.
>> If somebody has an idea
> Check in your factory BIOS, make sure it isn't set up to swap COM 1 and
> 2? Or even better, check for output from the second serial port? I'm
> pretty much out of ideas.

Sorry for the late answer, I have test this solution and no change.

> Do you have a POST card? If so, set up a post code at the start of
> w83977af_early_serial() so you can make sure LinuxBIOS is in fact making
> it that far. Do a post code with outb(0x[code], 0x80);

For this question the POST is Power-On Self-Test, but I don't know what is
the POST card !!!

Thanks for our help.



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