[LinuxBIOS] AMD K8 + K8T890 + VT8237 + Asus A8V-E SE

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Sun Apr 15 13:13:23 CEST 2007

Hello Corey,

Thanks for the updated SMBus code. The last version I had from you did not
worked for some reason. I'm using the older versions which works. I will test
this version on Monday, eventually will have a look what is different between
the versions.

> Also, the rest of your southbridge init is bound to be completely
> borked, since IIRC that was well before I started seriously working on
> the post-ram code, so it's probably still looking for some incorrect
> device IDs, let alone setting things up right. If you want my most
> recent stuff, let me know, it should actually work right now.

Ok it would be nice. I already noticed different IDs in init code. I think I
need to fix somehow the PCIe first...



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