[LinuxBIOS] AMD K8 + K8T890 + VT8237 + Asus A8V-E SE

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Sat Apr 14 22:08:30 CEST 2007

> I really don't know what should I put in. I'm attaching a Config.lb 
> lspci and capture from Linuxbios output. Most recent capture in done 
> with attached Config.lb. Second back is with most commented back in.

Ok I think I fixed that some functions I mentioned in Config.lb were not 
enabled. So I compared the K8T890 regs after boot and with their defaults, and

The bus 00 is traversed successfully but, when hitting the PCIe bridge, it 
detects correctly my graphic card, but it keep finding it for multiple device
ID's until heap is exhausted:

PCI 02:00.0 ...  enabled
PCI 02:00.1 ...  enabled

and with same IDs

PCI 02:01.0 ...  enabled
PCI 02:01.1 ...  enabled
PCI 02:02.0 ...  enabled
PCI 02:02.1 ...  enabled

I guess something is wrong with the PCIe setup... Any ideas what might be wrong?
In the meanwhile I will check the regs of KT890 to see what is set up 
differently in other functions.


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