[LinuxBIOS] SMSC LPC Superio chips (was: Support for Tyan s2915 or s2927)

Jeremy Jackson jerj at coplanar.net
Fri Apr 13 16:39:42 CEST 2007


I've had success with Tyan S2865 which uses SMSC DME1737 Superio, and I
think SCH5017 is the same except for enhanced fan control, the data
brief for it mentions "two and three piece linear fan function options".

I don't see an SMSC 5307 on their website, can you find any datasheets?
(or "data briefs", as they call the fake ones for marketing the chips
with NDA'd datasheets.)  The 5307 might be the same as far as the serial
port goes, and that's 99% of what LinuxBIOS uses on the Superio, AFAIK.
(there might be board-specific uses of the GPIOs but at least you'd get
serial output to start with)

I think SMSC LPC bus superio chips all have the same PNP programming
interface, and the serial ports are probably at the same Device Index.
The only board-specific part is the pin strapping to select PNP
index/data register base address of 0x2e or 0x4e. 

With the sensors-detect script in lm-sensors SVN I was able to see that
the DME1737 on S2865 was at 0x4e.  (A patch for DME1737 support was
added Mar 24, which was after the 2.10.3 release, so you might need to
use latest from their subversion repository for now)  

Even if sensors-detect doesn't know about your superio, it should say
the manufacturer, device id and the address, the address is really the
important part.  (since you can usually tell the Mfr from visual

If anyone has a board with an SCH5017 or other SMSC Superio, maybe they
can try latest sensors-detect, and post results here and/or to
lm-sensors.org?  It would help with lm-sensors support, hardware
watchdog support, and LinuxBIOS support to have that info.



On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 12:55 -0400, Arvind Seshadri wrote:

> From Tyan's webpage it seems that the S2927, like the S2912, uses the
> nVIDIA MCP55 southbridge. However, the Super I/O chip on the S2927 is a
> SMSC SCH5017 and not the Winbond W83627HF found on the S2912. The S2915
> uses the nVIDIA NFP3600 + NPF3050 as the southbridge and the SMSC 5307
> Super I/O controller.

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