[LinuxBIOS] Problem to Support SuperIO Winbond W83977AF

ccases at navista.fr ccases at navista.fr
Tue Apr 10 18:28:37 CEST 2007

> Uwe Hermann wrote:
>> On Tue, Apr 03, 2007 at 09:17:43AM +0200, ccases at navista.fr wrote:
>>>> Without knowing which code you're using we cannot say very much. Can
>>>> you
>>>> post the full patch of the code you're trying to use?
>>> The code is attach on mail.
>> Try to use the w83627hf in v2, that might work out of the box. If it
>> doesn't try to use 0x370, 0x3f0, or 0x2e in this line in auto.c:
>> #define SERIAL_DEV PNP_DEV(0x3f0, W83977AF_SP1)
>> Page 128 (section 9.2) of the datasheet might help if you still have
>> problems
>> afterwards...
>> http://www.winbond-usa.com/products/winbond_products/pdfs/PCIC/w83977F_AF-A.pdf
>> HTH, Uwe.
> You may also need to do early_mtrr_init() (if it's even valid on geode)
> before trying to bring up the serial port, I had to do this on my pesky
> C3-based PCChips board.
> Also, grab the datasheet for the w83977tf (google should find this
> easily) if you go datasheet diving. Comparing the init sequence of the
> two chips might give you some hint as to where they differ.
> -Corey
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I have test to use the early_mtrr_init(), no positive result. No com port
for now.

If somebody has an idea

Thanks by advance



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