[LinuxBIOS] r2587 build service

Roman Kononov kononov at dls.net
Sun Apr 8 05:50:52 CEST 2007

LinuxBIOS information wrote:
> The developer "stepan" checked in revision 2587 to
> the LinuxBIOS source repository and caused the following 
> changes:
> Change Log:
> This patch makes sure that VGA is initialized before it is used. Without
> this fix, LinuxBIOS crashes if the CONSOLE_LOG_LEVEL is high enough.
> Build Log:
> Compilation of artecgroup:dbe61 has been broken
> Compilation of technologic:ts5300 has been broken

The patch was wrong. It was taken from here:
This patch does not initialize VGA when CONFIG_CONSOLE_VGA==0 and

The patch should have been taken from here:

The attached patch corrects the head revision.

I tried to build the broken compilations using the default procedure
"buildtarget && make -C <directory>" and I am confused:

~/linuxbios/targets>./buildtarget technologic/ts5300/Config.lb && make
-C technologic/ts5300/technologic_ts5300
completes without an error for both r2586 and r2587 (dies looking for
the payload).
~/linuxbios/targets>./buildtarget technologic/ts5300/Config-abuild.lb
===> ERROR: Option __COMPRESSION__ undefined (missing use command?)
for both r2586 and r2587.

I conclude that it brakes for unrelated reasons.


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