[LinuxBIOS] 答复: Is the Cache as Ram for Gx2 processor?

Hao Li lihao at mprc.pku.edu.cn
Fri Apr 6 16:21:31 CEST 2007

Maybe we can look through Gx2's databook to find out. :)
Gx2 has mtrr-like registers which can be used for CAR I think...not so sure.

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主题: Re: [LinuxBIOS] Is the Cache as Ram for Gx2 processor?

* Tom Sylla <tsylla at gmail.com> [070406 15:50]:
> Because AMD GX and LX share little with the AMD64 architecture. From 
> looking at the CAR code, it does a lot of its work with MTRRs. Geodes do 
> not have MTRRs, so it just won't work as-is. (they have similar 
> functionality to MTRRs, but they are not compatible)
> As Hao is suspecting, AMD64 CAR won't work on Geode.
> There isn't anything in LB to do CAR (but it would be possible).

As LinuxBIOS v3 wont support any systems which dont have CAR working, 
how can we find out what is required to get CAR working on Geode CPUs?


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