[LinuxBIOS] ASUS A8N-SLI Premium (K8, CK804, IT8712)

Adrian-Ken Rueegsegger ken at gmx.ch
Tue Apr 3 00:17:00 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,

I started to try and get linuxbios running on my Asus A8N-SLI board. I
got serial output working by using the sunw/ultra40 source and the
appropriate superio (IT8712F). So far so good :)

After getting the message "Unbuffered Dimms not supported on Opteron" I
simply disabled the check (src/northbridge/amd/k8/raminit.c,line 1198)
since my processor is an AMD64 X2 4400+.
Sidequestion: how could the "is_opteron()"-function in
src/northbridge/amd/k8/raminit.c,line 606 be improved so it would not
wrongly identify my kind of processor as an opteron?

Now there seems to be a problem with setting up the memory since
SOFT_RESET is being issued several times before the boot process stops
with "Jumping to LinuxBIOS.".
I would be gratefull if somebody could take a look at the attached debug
output and give me a hint on where to go from here.



Corey Osgood wrote:
> Uwe Hermann wrote:
>> What's the Super I/O? That should be the first thing to add. You need it
>> for serial output.
> ite it8712(f?).
> In auto.c, change the #include "superio/xxx" to "superio/ite/it8712f".
> Then, in main(), change the line xxx_enable_serial() to
> it8712f_enable_serial(). Compile it and see if you get serial output!
> -Corey

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