[LinuxBIOS] Asus smbus mux

koko citizenr at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 22:58:22 CEST 2007

I started a thread (well, its me talking to myself) "read the spd on
A7V133" on lm-sensors list. My conclusions:

E:\dane\Testery !\sandra>SPDINFO.EXE 1 a7v
Ctrl 0, SMBus, Sys, IO 0000e800h, Mem 00000000h, Drv Intel PIIX4 SMBus
/ compatible, Brd A7V
Mux 0 Asus IO mux, IO 0000e44dh, Ext 4267320

rasz at capek:~$ cat /proc/ioports|grep e4
e400-e47f : motherboard
 e400-e403 : ACPI PM1a_EVT_BLK
 e404-e405 : ACPI PM1a_CNT_BLK
 e408-e40b : ACPI PM_TMR
 e410-e415 : ACPI CPU throttle
 e420-e423 : ACPI GPE0_BLK

I decompiled ACPI DSDT from my bios and found this :

   OperationRegion (\SGPO, SystemIO, 0xE44C, 0x04)
   Field (SGPO, ByteAcc, NoLock, Preserve)
       GPO0,   1,
               Offset (0x01),
       GPO8,   1,
           ,   2,
       GP11,   1,
               Offset (0x04)

1 Linux ACPI  - Bios ACPI mismatch,  0xE44C is not claimed and not
mapped properly
2 mux GPIO is mapped to 0xE44C-0xE44F.

We can reverse it by trial and error (or by talking to sandra/everest
developers, Im trying it now), or just use SPDINFO.EXE (its a part of
SiSoftware Sandra package) on board to board basis comparing data and
obtaining the right bit mask to switch smbus to SPD channel.

Im posting this because I saw some movement on VT82C686 front, and
this info will be needed to port to Asus boards (K7 ones hide SPD and
Clock chip).

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