[LinuxBIOS] id1 & id2 - not chip ids

Anton anton.borisov at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 20:53:36 CEST 2007

flashrom seems to work on ICH6 (and obviously on ICH7 in my previous post),
despite the fact that BIOS_CNTL register isn't correctly set
"Enabling flash write on ICH6-M...tried to set 0xdc to 0x3 on ICH6-M failed (WARNING ONLY)"

Unfortunately, I can't say for sure which flashchip is hidden inside board (no data, this's
from laptop) - but when

Trying Am29F040B, 512 KB
probe_29f040b: id1 0x55, id2 0xaa
Trying Am29LV040B, 512 KB
probe_29f040b: id1 0x55, id2 0xaa

	id1 & id2 are first bytes of original BIOS. What if change probe_29f040b() onto jedec_probe()?
	Will it give me correct chip IDs?


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