[LinuxBIOS] FlashRom

Quux pawn2be.wild at yahoo.de
Sun Apr 1 17:01:25 CEST 2007

so far there is do explicit support, but it would make some sense. PCI 
expansion ROM is not a full-scale replacement for main BIOS though. PCI 
ROM is called rather later during initialization from legacy BIOS. There 
is public linux code for flashing via RTL Nic cards around however, and 
it might be some kind of "auxiliary ROM" on unsocketed Gigabyte boards 
or play a similar role possibly (my 2 ct.)  --Q

Graeme Brett Houston schrieb:
> Hi can LinuxBios Take advantage of additional ROM space on addon cards?,
> i.e i have a addon RTL1839B card with space of a rom, i also have a 
> rom pulled from a broken motherboard that fits,
> would it be possible to either flash with a backup emergancy rom or 
> put LinuxBios on it and it can be part of normal bios startup options 
> or in combination with the main flash chip on motherboard be used 
> completely by LinuxBIOS and only the payloads put on the extra ROM
> Thanks Graeme

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